Nick Packard

"I always loved steak, but never realized the difference when comparing American Grass-fed to commodity beef. It has changed my way of thinking. "

Who am I?

I am a mid 30's (closer to 40) family man who works for Strauss Brands to help grow the eCommerce channel. I love all things meat and finally found a place that feeds my passion... literally.


What am I selling?

I want to share these amazing products with you. The products we offer are top of the line, chef quality. This is the stuff dreams are made of! We offer American grass fed and finished beef, free raised veal, all natural chicken, american lamb and heritage breed pork.We have all the favorites you find at the store plus a whole lot more!


Why should you care?

Where your food comes from is important. The quality of these proteins is second to none and do come with some health benefits... plus they taste GREAT! Join the movement and help support sustainable farmers in the USA.


Some of Nick Packard'S FAVORITES

  1. $23.49

    Our fresh, antibiotic-free chicken breasts are lean juicy and 100% natural with no added preservatives or flav ....

  2. $13.99

    Prepared from the Ribeye Roast, this is one of the most tender and flavorful steaks. Each steak is wet aged f ....

  3. $13.99

    A favorite at steak houses, the Strip Steak has a light texture with a bit of a chew. The Strip Steak is minim ....

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