CrossFit® HQ

"CrossFit® is the perfect partner to spread the Strauss name across the country. Founded in 2000, CrossFit® goes beyond a workout, promoting a community that focuses on healthy lifestyle choices."

Why are we partnering with Strauss...?

When selecting clean protein, athletes need to go beyond labels and inform themselves on the health of the animal it is sourced from. Much like CrossFit®, Strauss recognizes diet as the foundational key to optimal health.


Take advantage of this opportunity!

With our exclusive partnership we can offer our CrossFit® athletes nationwide a chance at a great deal. Get 30% off your first order with Strauss Direct and get a discounted rate if you subscribe.


Find us in retail!

Strauss is also adding a CrossFit® Approved label on all of their retail products. Be sure to find them and support our partnership.


Some of CrossFit® HQ'S FAVORITES

  1. $13.99

    Prepared from the Ribeye Roast, this is one of the most tender and flavorful steaks. Each steak is wet aged f ....

  2. $13.99

    A favorite at steak houses, the Strip Steak has a light texture with a bit of a chew. The Strip Steak is minim ....

  3. $94.99

    Whole Point-On Brisket, NAMP 120

Ready to start earning some money?

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